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Our corporate flu jab service

Corporate flu jab service from Well Pharmacy

Flu is usually the top cause of sick days in the UK and affects many businesses up and down the country. Ready to understand what your options are? You can protect your employees and your business from disruption during flu season with our corporate flu jab service.

What is seasonal flu?

The flu is an illness caused by an infection from the influenza virus. Flu is most commonly spread through coughing and sneezing and infects the nose, throat and sometimes the lungs. 

Especially during the winter months – flu season – flu is highly contagious and spreads easily from person to person, including in the workplace. Most people recover fairly quickly from flu without lasting complications. It can occasionally hit even healthy people hard and stop them working for around a week. 

Why should I protect my employees from seasonal flu?

Flu is usually the biggest cause of sick days in the UK, accounting for an average of 4.4 days off from work each year. As well as costing the UK economy an estimated £29 billion every year, the flu costs businesses an average of £522 per employee annually.* 

The flu is seasonal too, with most cases happening in winter. Which means your business can face significant disruption if your employees fall sick at the same time.  

When is flu season?

In the UK, flu season usually lasts from December to March. It can begin as early as October if we have cold weather, as the flu virus spreads faster in cold and dry weather. 

When is the best time to offer my employees a flu jab?

It’s best to make sure your employees are vaccinated at the start of the season, in early October. It takes around 10-14 days for your body to become immune to the flu, so getting the jab early reduces the risk of falling ill.

How does the flu jab work?

The flu jab is a safe and effective vaccine that protects against the flu. The vaccine contains a small amount of the inactivated flu virus. This isn’t enough to cause an infection but is enough for people to develop antibodies to kill the virus, which makes them immune from infection.

How many doses will my employees need?

The flu jab is given as a single dose. 

Should I offer my employees a flu jab each year?

Yes. Your employees will need a new flu jab before each flu season. The influenza virus that causes the flu rapidly mutates and evolves into new strains. Each year the vaccine is tailored to the new strains of the virus. It is likely that new strains will have emerged the following year, so a new flu jab is needed before each flu season.

How does the corporate flu jab service work?

You can order flu jab vouchers for your employees. They can then use their voucher to book a flu jab at no cost to them at one of our vaccination clinics at a community Well Pharmacy. 

*Due to social distancing measures, this has not been the case in the 20/21 flu season.