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2018/19 Patient Satisfaction Survey results:

Every year, NHS England requires pharmacies to ask customers to complete the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire. The survey, also known as the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire, invites customers to give feedback on the service they receive, helping pharmacies to understand how well they're meeting customers' needs.

We're working to build the best prescription service in the UK across all our pharmacies and our online service. While we speak to our customers through the app and over the phone, at, we don't get the face-to-face feedback that our colleagues in high street pharmacies do. For this reason, the results of this survey are invaluable to us as we continue to develop and improve our digital prescription delivery service – it tells us what parts of our service customers love, and where there's room for us to improve.

We received over 300 responses, each one providing helpful insights into our customers' experiences of the service.

Survey results: An overview

  • Almost 90% of customers were either satisfied or very satisfied with the speed of our service.
  • Only 3% of customers indicated that they had experienced difficulty when trying to get in touch with us; a similar number expressed concern with the quality of the support they received from our customer services and pharmacy teams.
  • Over 90% of our customers rated the quality of our packaging, and the condition of their medication on delivery as good or very good.
  • 87% of our customers rated as either excellent or very good.

Feedback: What our customers said

While we obviously appreciate positive feedback, we're also keen to learn from customers who have not had a brilliant experience with us, or who have suggested ways in which we can improve. For example, some customers said that it would be helpful to include more information in the app about recent orders. We've taken this feedback on board and plan to release an update to our iOS app in the next couple of weeks. This update will give customers a complete 'Order details' screen and increased ability to manage orders after they've been requested but before they're delivered. We are also reviewing the emails and notifications we send to customers to make sure that we are providing enough information at every stage of the process.

Customers also highlighted problems with GP surgeries not responding to prescription requests in a timely manner, and in at least one case, not being willing to send a prescription to us. Again, we are reviewing our communications with GP surgeries, and will work over the coming months to see what we can do to improve the way in which we work with GPs across the country.

We're very grateful to everyone who took the time to complete this survey. We always welcome feedback from our customers, so if you'd like to share your experience of our online prescription service, please get in touch via the app or email

Full survey results available on request. Please email