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Information from the NHS about long COVID.

Research from the National Institute for Health Research suggested that long COVID may be made up of different syndromes, including:

  • post-intensive care syndrome

  • post-viral fatigue syndrome

  • long-term covid syndrome[1].

People who have experienced long COVID reported friends, family and health professionals doubted their symptoms. They also felt frustrated by a lack of support, likely due to limited understanding about the long-term effects of coronavirus[1].

To build trust and get better health outcomes for patients, it’s important to show compassion and acknowledge that experiences of long COVID symptoms are real.

You can find out more about recovering from coronavirus, including information for carers, family and friends on the NHS Your COVID Recovery website.


June 2021

Next review

June 2023

Reviewed by

Gill Stone MRPharmS


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    NIHR. Living with Covid19. NIHR Evidence. doi:10.3310/themedreview_41169