Information for customers with ReCoVa COVID-19 home test kits

From 19th July 2021, our COVID-19 home test kits will be supplied by Randox.

If you have ReCoVa home test kits that you bought from Well prior to this date, you can still use them as planned and follow the instructions in the kit for taking the test and arranging a courier to collect your swab and take it to the lab for processing.

The information on this page is for customers with ReCoVa test kits only. If you have purchased a Randox home test kit, please see the information and FAQs on our 'Order your COVID-19 PCR home test kit' page.

How it works - ReCoVa home test kits

Take the test at home

The kit contains full instructions for you to follow.

Return your sample for processing

The kit includes instructions for having your sample collected from your home by courier and taken to the lab for processing.

Get your results

Typically within 48 hours* of the lab receiving your test you’ll be able to view your results on the ReCoVa portal.

Frequently asked questions
For information about ReCoVa COVID-19 PCR home test kits, please see our frequently asked questions below.