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Gender pay gap report, 2019

Below shows our gender pay gap report for 2019, in line with our statutory requirement, which Well both supports and welcomes as part of our wider diversity and inclusion agenda.

Statement from Seb Hobbs, CEO

11th November 2020

"Whilst we are pleased at the improvement in the number of males working in our pharmacy network, we know that to squeeze the gender pay gap even further we still have work to do. We also know that this is not exclusively about pay but about the need to constantly review our recruitment, job design, policies and coaching and support.

We are confident that men and women at Well are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business and have an equal opportunity to participate in and earn incentives. Our current recruitment, progression, performance, reward and benefit policies and practices are not gender biased. 

We will continue to exploit the opportunities arising from gender pay reporting and our ongoing analysis will ensure we are proactively managing our pay fairly and equitably."

Read the full 2019 Gender Pay Gap report (PDF, 71KB)

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