Medicine reviews

Get advice on how to take medicines to get the most out of them

Let your pharmacist know about any side effects you've experienced

Your pharmacist can work with your GP to solve any problems you have with your medicines

We work with the NHS to offer specialist free services to review your medicines. There are services for people who are on long-term medicine, and those who have just started a new medicine.

These free services are different to your annual review with your doctor. They help to improve your knowledge of the medicines you take, why you take them, and how you can improve your health.

If you're eligible for a medicine review, our pharmacists will invite you for an appointment. If we don't invite you for a medicine review, you can still ask to speak to our pharmacists if you have any questions or concerns about the medicines you're taking.

What to expect from your appointment

If your pharmacist thinks a medicine review would be useful for you, they will tell you when you collect your prescription. You'll be able to arrange it for a time that's convenient for you – not all reviews need to be done in person, some can be done over the phone.

The appointment is free and totally confidential. It will only take around 10 minutes, and your pharmacist will be happy to provide you with any information you need after the appointment. To get the most out of the appointment, you might want to note down any questions you have beforehand. You are also welcome to bring a carer or someone else along to the appointment.

If there are any problems with your medicine, your pharmacist can contact your doctor directly and work with them to decide on any necessary changes. They'll keep you in the loop if any changes are needed.

As part of the service, if you've just started taking a new medicine, your pharmacist may give you a call a week or so after your appointment to check how you're doing.

To request an appointment, simply contact your local Well pharmacy.