Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Flu Jab Questions and Answers

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To order flu vouchers to protect your employees, please complete our voucher order form which you can find here

Will employees have to pay anything?

No, the service is completely free of charge to the employee, they just need to present their voucher at a participating branch of Well.

Are there any hidden costs to this service?

No, the voucher price is all that you pay, unless you have chosen to have a clinic at your workplace which incurs an additional charge.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

No, we are unable to take payment by credit or debit, all payments via electronic transfer.

Do employees need to make an appointment?

No, employees can either drop in or book an appointment at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Can you tell me which employees have had their vaccination?

No, because of patient confidentiality we cannot divulge the details of the employees we vaccinate.

Are there any tax implications of providing flu vaccinations to employees?

In most cases flu vaccinations are exempt from tax implications, HMRC will be able to provide you with confirmation of this.

Are the vouchers subject to VAT?

No, the vouchers relate to a service which is exempt from VAT.

Can you replace lost or stolen vouchers?

No, once issued, we are unable to replace vouchers that are lost or stolen. We will only accept original vouchers.