Summer placement programme

Our Summer placement programme is available to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year pharmacy students and provides you with valuable hands-on experience working in one of our specially selected community pharmacies across the UK.

You'll be working alongside experts who are dedicated to helping you succeed. With support from your Pharmacist tutor, colleagues and managers, you'll have every opportunity to build up your experience. 

Our paid six-week Summer placements will start on Monday 15th June 2020.

You are provided with a learning programme to support your time in store, giving you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills. You will play a key role in supporting our patients and customers with their healthcare needs throughout your placement.

If you complete a 3rd year Summer placement you will be considered for a pre-reg placement starting in August 2021. This will be subject to an interview with your Regional Manager during your placement. Offers will be made throughout the Summer before the ORIEL assessments take place.

Applications for our 2020 Summer placements will open from Thursday 2nd January 2020 and will close Tuesday 30th March 2020. You will be able to apply directly through this website, so please check back then.

Pre-registration programme

Our pre-registration training programme provides the perfect foundation, training and support for you to become a responsible pharmacist with a commercial and clinical focus.
Well Pharmacist

Why Well?

Working in healthcare is worthwhile and rewarding in lots of ways. The rewards and benefits we offer help us recognise the great work our people do.