Well is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.

We have been working hard with our development partner(s), and will continue to do so, to increase the accessibility and usability of the main website. We strive to ensure that the best experience is achieved by as many customers as possible by following and adhering to the current standards and guidelines within the industry as closely as possible.

A few small things make the world of difference:

  • Ensuring a clear and consistent journey throughout the main site, and sister sites
  • All partner sites follow the same clear brand guidelines and look similar to the main site
  • The use of clear, simple language with a Well tone of voice
  • The use of validated HTML and Cascading Style Sheets
  • Clear design, including careful use of text, colour, sizes and backgrounds working together
  • Images in multiple sizes
  • This site has been designed for optimum performance with the following browsers:

IE7 / IE8 - Firefox 3.6 - Safari - Google Chrome

Changing the size of text you are viewing on Well Online

The size of the text on the website can be changed in your browser settings.  If the text on your screen is too small it can be enlarged in your Internet Browser. 

Instructions for adjusting the text size on several different internet browsers are provided below.  Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is the most commonly used browser, so we have provided full instructions below.  For all other browsers, please select your browser from the list and open the instructions.

Enlarging text within Internet Explorer 7 and 8

To increase the text size, click the "View" menu, then "Text Size" and select the text size you require.

You can reset the text size to its default state by clicking the "View" menu, then "Text Size" and finally "Medium".

For the new IE 9 Users, the ability to zoom at a % ratio is now available. Options for 125, 150, 200 and 400% will be available.

Enlarging text within other browsers:

  • Firefox 21 - hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and the scroll wheel on your mouse will alter the zoom
  • Safari 5/6 - click on View in the Safari menu at the top of your screen. On the drop-down menu, click on the option labeled 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'. Repeat this option press for further alterations. You can use the following shortcut keys: Apple and + (plus symbol) or - (minus symbol) to perform these actions.
  • Opera 12 - Increase or decrease the size of text by holding down ‘Shift’ or ‘Ctrl’ key and pressing the + (plus symbol) or - (minus symbol) on your keyboard's number pad. Each press will change the text size by 10%.
  • Chrome 25 - Open the menu options from the icon on the top right of the browser and there are percentage adjustment buttons

If your browser is not listed, or if you have other questions, please contact us for more information using the email address below.

Accessibility commitment statement:

Although Well continually strives to adhere to the current guidelines and standards for accessibility, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of our site 100% of the time due to technology constraints and the pace of change within the industry. It is, however, our commitment to bring as many areas of our site as possible up to industry-standard levels of accessibility, and we will continue to work on this.

Third Party sites and add-ons

Some sections of this website are provided by and controlled by third parties; it has not been possible for the same standards of accessibility to be applied to these areas of the site. However we do work with our partners to ensure accessibility is achieved wherever possible.

Should you have difficulty accessing any areas of our website please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Alternatively, please see our Contact Us section for additional methods of communication. We are always happy to receive suggestions about how to improve the accessibility of the site for our customers.