Careplus System


We have a nationwide network of 800 pharmacies and support over 15,000 residents in more than 500 care homes.

Well Careplus is the system that takes care of your medicines for you. As the only medicines management system independently proven to be safer, you can be sure that everyone gets the right dosage of, the right medication, at the right time. With our revolutionary Well Pad, a user-friendly device designed for the care environment, taking care of all your residents’ medicines is simple and straightforward.


The Future of medication management

The Well Pad is a portable device, which matches the right medicine with the right resident using advanced barcode technology - without the need for a wireless internet connection. It sounds simple, but it is revolutionising how medications are managed in care homes. it simplifies the entire process, ensuring the safety of residents and freeing up staff to do what they're best at.

Safe administration

The Well Pad allows you to witness controlled drugs administration and will even remind you about specific or unusual administration requirements. There is also a prompt for pulse check with digoxin, to enhance patient safety, along with many other features.

Accurate care records

Notes can be added to a resident or a particular drug which appear each time that resident or drug is selected

Management information

Reports are sent by email every morning to the care home manager giving an insight into the previous 24 hours. The information in the reports aids clinical decisions, supports audit inspections and even identifies training needs.


Stock control

Create, edit and add to stock orders at the touch of a button. The whole process is digitally monitored, so it's easy to see when stock runs low and prevent and disruption to care. The Well Pad also significantly reduces the time you spend checking in medicines, using the unique barcode scanner.

Personalised care

Record your own readings and observations on the Well Pad, including blood pressure, pulse, glucose, INR and falls. These are stores on a central care record to ensure better care for each resident.

Total ongoing support

 No two care homes are the same, so our service is tailored to meet your specific needs and those of the people in your care.

Our team of specialists will demonstrate just how the Well Careplus service can benefit you and your residents

Our Well Careplus Trainers will work closely with your to plan the implementation of the Well Pad. They will also deliver free onsite training for you and your team to ensure a smooth transition

What really sets Well Careplus apart is our Account managers. They offer both ongoing support and system development. They will continually assess your Well Pad usage to identify additional features to help you and your team

Our careplus Customer Support Team is available Monday-Friday 8-7pm and Saturday 9-5pm to provide operational support and advice. Call 03302 23 24 25

Well Careplus GDPR Statement 

We’ve updated our policies in line with the GDPR new legislation.

We’re as transparent as ever about how we collect, use and store the data we need to help you manage your care home.

We promise only to use the data we have to help with the management and delivery of our services to you and your residents, and to give you the customer service and care you deserve.

Please download a copy and retain in your Customer Journey Pack.