Top tips for staying safe in the sun


Our top tips

  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more for adults, and 30 or more for children
  • Use around two tablespoons for your entire body (or an ice cream scoop!)
  • Apply your sunscreen-30 minutes before you go out, and re-apply it frequently
  • Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Avoid sitting in the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Always wear a hat when you are out in the sun and try and stay in the shade where possible
  • Keep sensitive areas covered, such as wearing a T-shirt to protect shoulders and the neck area

 Did you know that two thirds of Brits believe that sun cream will not help to reduce the likelihood of getting skin cancer, and that less than half of Brits use sun cream on hot days? 

We conducted a survey in 2015 which showed that a staggering 78% of Brits have admitted to being sunburnt whilst in the UK and 68% getting burnt whilst abroad. 

Sixteen to twenty four year olds are the least safe in the sun with 81% suffering sunburn in the UK and 76% burning abroad. Parents also admitted to failing to take precautions with only one
in five applying sun cream to their child on hot days. 

A quarter of Brits said they know they don’t take sufficient precautions when going in the sun. The survey showed the most common reasons for sunburn are:

  • Staying out in the sun for too long (68%)
  •  Not covering up properly (46%)
  • And not realising it’s hot enough to get sun burnt (38%) 

The effects of sun burn can have effects past the initial condition, with over half of Brits (52%) conceding to suffering consequences after getting sun burnt. The effects of sun burn can be moderate such as causing an uncomfortable night sleep or requiring a visit to the GP but one in 10 young people said that sun burn went on to ruin the rest of their holiday. 

Wendy Lee, pharmacist at Well commented: “It is worrying that so many people are suffering from sunburn, its particularly concerning that the number of cases caused from the sunny weather in the UK is high, as well as those cases which occur whilst on holiday. Getting sunburnt at home or while away is a risk, but it is preventable. 

“Although it is promising that a significant portion of those surveyed believed that a high factor sun cream was the most suitable when protecting against the sun, we must make sure that this is not only a thought but that individuals are following through with using a suitable factor for sun protection. This is why Well only stock sun care which is factor 15 or above, and factor 30 and above for Children, to ensure that all our customers have the best protection.”


The below table can help you pick the right SPF for your skin tone.  If you are unsure, ask your pharmacist for assistance.




We stock a variety of sun care products in our branches starting from SPF 15.  For your nearest branch, use our Pharmacy Finder