Football’s Top Managers Get Their Flu Jabs Before Deadline Day

Four of football’s top over-65 managers turned up to Well Pharmacy for a free flu jab to make sure they weren’t left feeling sick as parrots this winter

Well Pharmacy, the UK's largest independent pharmacy chain, has set an advisory deadline day of 1st December for all over 65s in the UK to get their Flu Jab administered by.

With winter setting in, Roy Hodgson, Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp were on the ball with getting protected, beating Well Pharmacy’s advisory flu jab deadline day of 1 December

Following Storm Abigail and Storm Barney, as well as the recent week’s cold weather, Well understands how important it is that all over 65s are protected before winter officially starts.

Rachael Sharples, Healthcare Development Manager at Well said: “It’s important that people in this age group receive this vaccine, as they are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of flu. With winter officially starting on December 21st, we encourage all over 65s to get their vaccination a few weeks before this date.

“Our four football managers set a great example by getting theirs at one of our branches!”

Rachael continued: “The flu jab is nothing to worry about, in the privacy of the consultation room, you’ll be asked a few questions to see if you are eligible*; if you are the jab will be administered by an accredited pharmacist.”

The flu jab is free from the NHS for all over 65s as well for all other high risk categories and it can be administered at one of our pharmacies or at your GP surgery.

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